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   Doc sued by Jacko mum for $100mBy JAMES CLENCH

Published: Today

MICHAEL Jackson's mum Katherine is set to make a $100MILLION "wrongful death" claim against the doctor under investigation, it emerged last night.

On YouTube ... Dr
Conrad Murray
Katherine, 79, may try to sue Dr Conrad Murray for her son's loss of earnings - and her emotional distress.

She may even seek payment for the King of Pop's lavish memorial service. Jackson family lawyer Burt Levitch said yesterday: "The wrongful death action has been floated...no decision has been finalised."

Miami-based wrongful death lawyer Stewart Greenberg said Dr Murray could face a $100million (60million) payout.

He said: "If Katherine brings the case on behalf of herself and the kids, she only has to show what Michael lost in earnings by his premature death.

"He was only 50 and had plenty of years left in him as a top level entertainer. It could be $100million, could be more."

Jacko died of a heart attack in LA on June 25. The police probe has focused on Dr Murray, who is said to have given him anaesthetic Propofol.

Meanwhile, the doc - who is in hiding - posted a bizarre one-minute message on YouTube to protest his innocence. He says: "I have done all I could. I told the truth and I have faith that the truth will prevail."

The Jacksons yesterday confirmed Michael will be buried in the Great Mausoleum of Glendale Forest Lawn cemetery in Hollywood Hills on August 29, what would have been his 51st birthday.
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