Zodiac g2 pool cleaner

The Zodiac G2 is Australia's favorite pool cleaner, strong cleaning action, and mobility. For maximum efficiency, the Zodiac G2 pool cleaner provides efficient, effective cleaning that is compatible with low-speed pumps. While cleaning the pool floor, walls, and steps, the cleaner swiftly inhales tiny and medium particles. A Flow Keeper Valve is included in the G2 cleaner. Even with low-speed pumps, this small self-adjusting flow control valve automatically adjusts water flow, assuring optimal performance.

The G2 cleaner will be ready to clean your pool in just three simple stages. They're pre-assembled when you get them out of the package. Simply connect the skimmer or specialized suction line to the disc, wheel deflector, and hose. There are no specific tools or plumbing requirements.

The Zodiac G2 is designed to fit a range of pool surfaces and will swiftly and efficiently remove most tiny particles from your pool, reducing self-maintenance to a minimum.

Diaphragm Technology: The Zodiac G2 features only one operating moving element, the diaphragm, which ensures whisper-quiet cleaning while delivering maximum suction force.

Exceptional Durability: The Zodiac G2 pool cleaner at its best year after year due to its tough construction components. The Zodiac G2 is built to last, from the long-wearing foot and disc that constantly scrapes away to the authentic long-life Barracuda hose. This allows you to spend more time enjoying your pool.

Quick and Easy: The Zodiac G2 is quick and easy to install, since it comes with a Barracuda long-life hose. It's also simple to access and service due to the high reaction cassette.

Warranty: A two-year guarantee on the quality, functionality, and support of your G2 suction pool cleaner provides you peace of mind.

Package Contents

The zodiac G2 pool cleaner comes with everything you need to set it up and run it, including 12 long-life Twist & Lock hose sections, a flow regulator valve, and a fast start user guide, so it can be customized to fit your pool exactly.

1 x Zodiac G2 machine head complete with disc set

12 x 1m lengths of original Barracuda hose

1 x hose weight

1 x leader hose adaptor

1 x deflector wheel

1 x AD flow valve

1 x pool pulse

1 x hose protection mesh

1 x user manual and warranty card

Features Summary

Diaphragm technology drive

Whisper-quiet operation

Broad 36” fin disc for large cleaning area

Cleans floors and partial walls

12 x 1m Twist & Lock hose lengths

Long-wearing foot & cleaning disc

Quick release diaphragm cassette

Adjustable deflector wheel

2 Year warranty

Technical Details

Suction-side cleaner

Operates in all in-ground pools

Connects directly to skimmer or 1.5" dedicated vacuum line

Includes 36 ft. of feed hose


Feature                     Description

Pool Type                   In-Ground

Cleaner Type              Suction-side

Connection                Skimmer or 1.5" Vacuum Line

Warranty                    2 Year

Hose Type                   Long-Life, 36 ft. of Feed Hose

Diaphragm                 Durable AIB

Pool Surface(s)           Tile, Vinyl, Gunite, and Fiberglass

Quick Access Control System

Unlike other competitive automatic pool cleaners, the zodiac G2 pool cleaner has the Quick Release Access Cassette System. This unique feature allows almost instantaneous access to the one moving part – the diaphragm. Large foreign objects, such as children’s toys, tree branches and rocks, should be removed manually from your pool prior to operating an automatic pool cleaner. In the event a foreign object does not get manually removed and a blockage occurs, the Quick Access Cassette System allows you the opportunity to remove the blockage or check the diaphragm for damage in minutes at poolside.

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