Pool filter cartridge

A pool filter cartridge is a piece of tubular filtration equipment that can be used in various products for an array of filtration requirements. A cartridge is encased within a housing or a casing and used to remove unwanted particles, pollutants, and chemicals from liquids. The cartridge is exposed to water, liquid or solvent that needs filtration, as it flows inside the housing and passes through the filter element. It can also remove submicron particulates.

You can find two categories of pool filter cartridge

Surface filters

Depth filters

Surface filters

Surface filtration, as the names suggest, is concerned with the retention of particles mostly on the surface. The particles that are kept form a layer of material known as a "cake layer," which serves to improve filtering effectiveness even further. If the filtration rate is originally about 50-60%, it will increase to 100% once the layer of cake is made. Solids and pollutants are prevented from passing through the medium by surface filters. They are limited outside of the filter media. Surface filtration is the flow of fluid through a layer of material that restricts particulates on the surface. The size of the particles that the pool filter cartridge prevents from entering the medium is greater than the medium's normal pore size. Over time, the surface filter becomes caked with particles on the outside, limiting the flow beyond what is tolerable. At this point, the filter surface must be cleaned and reused. Surface filters are less costly than other types of filters and have a shorter shelf life.

Depth filters

Depth filters are a type of filter that uses a porous filtering media to keep particles in the middle of the medium rather than simply on the surface. When the fluid to be filtered includes a high load of particles, these filters are often employed because, in comparison to other types of pool filter cartridge, they can hold a significant quantity of particles before getting clogged. To remove solid pollutants from the liquid phase, depth filtration is utilized, which is constituted by several porous layers with depth. The particles are trapped throughout the medium's structure, rather than on the surface, due to the tortuous and channel-like character of the filtering medium. Depth filters provide the extra benefit of being able to capture a large number of particles without sacrificing separation performance. The sand filter is a frequent feature of depth filters, and they may be employed with far greater filtration rates than other designs. These features have helped to strengthen the usage and popularity of depth filters as a separation tool. Depth filter designs are always evolving and improving to meet the demands of industry, thanks to continual improvements in process technology.



It's really quite feasible that dirt and particles are avoiding your filter cartridge. Look for tears in the pleats or cracks on the ends of your cartridge. Misplaced or misaligned components within the filter are another source of dirt getting around (rather than through) the cartridge. The position and arrangement of internal manifolds may be found in the owner's handbook for your filter. Look for fractures or missing O-rings in these internal components. Before putting the top back on, it's sometimes a matter of correctly "seating" the cartridge into the base of the filter tank.

Mineral deposits can block the small holes of a pool filter cartridge in hard water regions. As the water attempts to force through the blocked cartridge, your pressure gauge will most likely register greater than before. To address this problem, immerse your filter cartridge in a 10:1 water-to-acidic solution to dissolve the minerals.

Oily substances, such as suntan oil, cosmetics, hair care products, and simply plain old body oils, can clog cartridges. The oils in your cartridges may be broken down by soaking them in a TSP solution. If your pool has an oil problem, apply a pool enzyme like Pool Perfect to break down the oils. It's incredible!


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