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Why kmxtend hand tied hair extensions?

Kmxtend hair extensions are of the best quality available. 100% Cuticle, double drawn genuine human hair is used in the hand tied hair extensions.

They are entirely hand wafted rather than machine wafted, with ultra-thin wefts that provide the most flawless results while putting less strain on your natural hair roots.

The application does not need the use of tape, adhesive, or heat.

To meet your needs, a half/single pack is offered.

Kmxtend also offers a thorough tutorial on how to apply hand tied hair extensions. This step-by-step hand tied training can help you increase your revenue right now! All of the equipment needed to perform the application are included in kmxtend hand tied course. You can get everything you need in one place. Kmxtend despises having you learn from inexperienced or uncertified stylists who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of hand tied hair extensions method.

How to maintain hand tied hair extension?

Extending the life of the extensions and preventing damage to both the extensions and your natural hair is possible with proper maintenance. Hair extensions may last anywhere from 9 to 18 months depending on how well you take care of it.

Hair growth pulls the extensions down, causing damage to both the extensions and your natural hair. Apart from having periodic move-ups at a salon, there are a few daily maintenance suggestions you can follow to keep your hand tied hair extensions looking great even weeks after installation.

Depending on how oily your hair is, clean it once or twice a week. After your hair gets clean, start at the bottom and work your way up, removing knots with your wet brush while holding onto the tops of your wefts. Brushing all the way to the top of the weft is crucial, but you don't want to brush over them. The hair will begin to loop at the top and will no longer be useable as a result of this!

Apply a little amount of hair oil all over your hair to add shine once it's been combed through, then blow dry. It's critical to apply the oil before blow drying since it acts as a heat protector.

A salon stylist near you can also provide more personalized upkeep suggestions about hand tied hair extensions. Check out our expert and highly rated stylists in your area with our easy-to-use salon locator: a map that shows all kmxtend certified stylists nearby who can help you improve your style right now.

These stylists are all qualified and have finished a course under the direction of a hair master. In the COVID-19 era, remember to book your appointment ahead of time!

How often do you need to move your beads up?

This is determined by how quickly your hair grows. I've been reading for 6 to 12 weeks. The majority of individuals return after 8 weeks. Stylish will remove extensions and reapply them to a new natural hair part when clients return. This maintains their natural hair healthy and evenly distributes the weight throughout natural hair. During this period, we will continue to utilize the same hand tied hair extensions. Before you need to change your hair extensions, they should last at least a year.

DO’s and DONT’s for extensions


Get a good wet brush and brush your hand tied hair extensions frequently! Brush in between your rows if necessary.

Use high-quality goods!  This week, I'll be loading up on Unite goods! You've got to look after these little ones!

To avoid dirty hair, dry the base of the extension as much as possible!


Don’t put yourself in windy situations! Going on a boat, braid your hair…. going on a motorcycle, braid your hair….and so on!

Don’t go to bed with your hair wet! This can cause matting, which is a nightmare to brush out! Always dry your hair completely!

Avoid dry shampoo ON your extensions! It’s going to make your extensions dry out and not last as long!

Avoid pools and oceans as much as you can! Too much salt and/or chlorine will dry out your extensions.

Avoid bad shampoo! Don’t spend all this money on fabulous extensions and put shampoos on them that will dry them out and not get enough moisture to your extensions. Remember that these extensions do not go all the way to your root so they do not get your natural oils to help keep them moisturized.


Visit our site. https://www.kmxtend.com/

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