Atmosphere at MSBOA!!!!!!!!!
   Today I went to the State solo ensemble of the MSBOA. The result is devided into three divisions. I got 1st devision on both violin and flute!!! I'm so gladdddddd. I applied for the proficiency 3 on violin and proficiency 1 on flute. Proficiencies are divided by the difficulty of the scale and sight reading.

I had violin first, at 1.36 pm. I played the piece ok, but not too well. I screwed up on a scale and I forgot to repeat one spot in the sight reading and some little mistakes in sight reading. After I did the sight reading the judicator said "You made it!" I thought "Oh crabbbb, it means I screwed up!!!" anyway, I was so glad that I got 1st division, I cried "yehhhh!!!" and nearly jumped up.

For the flute, I had the schedule at 4.23 pm. I went to see some of my friends play at about 3.45pm. Each person there would has about 3-5 people come with them, might be their family, there instrument tutor. By the time I went to the performance room, turned out that there was about 20 people watching me in that room(in stead of only my host family 3 persons). I felt very weird, because my piece wasn't extremely difficult, but after I finished playing it they clapped like they were watching a concert or something! Even the sight reading part! I screwed up on one scale, I think it was Eb melodic minor. Anyway, the flute adjudicator was very nice, after playing, she gave me advises, and it wasn't stressful at all.

Some of the people who does the proficiency 3,2 and get the 1st division would be invited to the MSBOA hornors orchestra, so it would be like all the best high school musician would come to this orchestra. I'm not sure I'm gonna be invited or not, but eventhough I'm not invited, I think I'd come far enough.
Here are some photos, I think you might wanna see what the atmosphere was like there.

This first photo is the High School where we have the state solo ensemble

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   This picture, I wanna say, the girl at the back who was playing the violin, she freaked me out!!! She played so well, and I got nervous. So when it was my queue to practice, I practiced my solo piece, and then I played some pop, bluegrass songs, I played the song "My Way" to calm myself down. I felt much better after that! Remember when you are nervous before audition, just play pop songs!!!

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   the medal envelope and the details about the invitaion.

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   Music store, set up in the cafeteria. Very Very cheap!

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   My friends from the school band class...

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   Me in the Violin performance room.
Sorry, I have to resize just for safety.

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   My friends in the flute performing room.

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   Some friends again.

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   Can you see the flute judicator... in the darkness at the right corner.

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   As the results, I ended up getting two of this thing!

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   I hope this will help some people who is going to audition or something na cubbbb!!!
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   Nice... Thank you for sharing.
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   สงสัยกล้องของ Put ซังเลนส์เพี้ยนแน่เลย

รูปถ่ายนัก Flute พุงย้อยหมด 5555

เปลี่ยนกล้องใหม่เหอะ อิๆๆๆ
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   hahahahahaaaaa, well... can't help!
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นึกถึงอดีตเลยแฮะ หุๆๆๆ
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   เยี่ยมมากเลยค่ะ ฝันให้ไกลไปให้ถึงอย่างนี้อีกเรื่อยๆ นะคะ ^^

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