เปรียบเทียบยาง Spin Lord Dornenglanz กับ Giant Dragon Talon
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โดย: Pimple Lover (เจ้าบ้าน ) [13 มิ.ย. 55 22:35] ( IP A: X: )
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   รีวิวจากเว็บ OOAK FORUM โดย cyber1call :
Sorry to start another thread about Spinlord Dornenglanz but the other threads about the rubber seem to be too old or very long.

I'm using a very fast blade and it works very well for me on the fh and I don't want to change. However, when I switched to this blade (Nexy Labyrinthos) I had to go on a quest for an LP I could control.

I had been using CTT Pogo Ox for over a year on a slower blade and I liked it, but on the Labyrinthos it was just way too fast and uncontrollable. (For me...for others, like everything, your mileage may vary!)

So I tried GD Dragon Talon. The Talon in Ox was I'd say about 10-15% slower than the Pogo. Better, and the construction of the Talon gave more control and also chopped better than the Pogo, but still too fast. I used it though for about 6 months and then...

Next experiment was the Talon with 1.5 Air dampening sponge. Ahh! Now that made a big difference in control. The Air sponge is very dead so on touch shots it's like it's not there. On hard blocks it absorbed a lot of the speed. I'd say compared to Talon Ox that it was at least 25% slower. Yes, it really made that big of a difference. Now the downside was that it was harder (again, it may just be me) to get good reversal and it was more sensitive to spin than the Ox version but oh could it block back the hard loops dead and low. I was pretty happy with that rubber/sponge combination.

But of course with the rave reviews of the Spinlord Dornenglanz the EJ bug got hold of me! So I had to try a sheet.

My expectations were that it was going to be at least as fast as the Dragon Talon but I decided to try it in Ox to start with anyway. When I opened the package I found the absolutely highest quality LP that I've ever tried. On the pips side the manufacturer has applied a clear plastic, semi-stiff cover sheet that made it as easy to glue as any inverted rubber. Looking at the underside I was totally impressed with the quality of the rubber. The DG is a very thin topsheet but even so the quality of the rubber has an incredibly firm and solid feel. The tops of the pips are absolutely smooth and shiny and I'd say the stiffness of the pips falls between Pogo and Talon. I should have measured the uncut sheet but on my slightly oversized blade--after centering the logo and ITTF info etc--the sheet just barely covered the left side. I could have moved it over of course but I would have had to clip a bit off the ITTF rectangle. Another concern with many LPs is a huge un-pipped area at the bottom. The DG has a very modest strip at the bottom for the logo area. I didn't feel it was necessary to trim any excess, which was good because I only had about a cm at the top after gluing. So I'm not sure, but the size of the DG sheet seems to be slightly smaller than some other brands.

From my first bounce test after gluing I was amazed that the DG seemed even slower than my Talon with the Air sponge! I was quite surprised by that and wondered how it would be on the table. So yesterday I tried it first for an hour or so against topspin with my robot then for several hours in practice matches. My conclusion is that the Spinlord Dornenglanz is indeed slower and more controllable than the Talon (even with dampening sponge) both when chop blocking at the table or when dropping back to chop. I've always had trouble with deep chopping but with the DG it seemed to have a much lower throw and more backspin than Pogo or Talon.

Then came some practice games where I mostly block topspin or attack underspin. On passive blocks the DG seemed to just take all the spin off the ball. One opponent was laughing at how I was getting a "knuckleball" effect and whiffed more than once. With a little more active chop motion the DG really puts some backspin on the ball with good control. With the Talon I never seemed to be able to get the backspin (i.e., "reversal") I wanted without losing control...but the DG gives me both. It's a deadly blocking machine! As for attacking underspin, well since it seems to get more reversal, it was even easier to keep the attacks on the table. Though I must admit, I don't really smack the %*$# out of the ball like some LP attackers do...my hits are more of a fast deep push...but just the same I liked the feel of the GD on this blade for attacking underspin better than anything else used so far.

For those players who want to create a lot of their own spin, I'm not sure the Spinlord Dornenglanz is what they want, though it may perform better in that regard with some sponge. Someone else will have to test that theory because the DG in Ox seems to match up perfectly with the blade and fh rubber I'm using.
โดย: Pimple Lover (เจ้าบ้าน ) [13 มิ.ย. 55 22:36] ( IP A: X: )
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