Revo 3 Spoiler: Ric Flair
   147/206 (STARTER DECK – FOIL – Ric Flair)
Ric Flair (Superstar Card)
Starting Hand Size: 4
Superstar Value: 4
Superstar Ability:
Once during each of your turns, put up to 1 Maneuver with “chop” or “punch” in the title or Target “leg” from your Ringside into your hand.

148/206 (STARTER DECK – FOIL – Ric Flair)
Space Mountain Punch
Trademark: Core
Draw up to 2 cards.
F:0 D:4

149/206 (STARTER DECK – FOIL – Ric Flair)
Nature Boy Chop
Trademark: Mean
Put up to 4 cards from your Ringside on the bottom of your Arsenal.
F:4 D:8

150/206 (STARTER DECK – FOIL – Ric Flair)
Stylin’ Low Blow
Reversal: Antic or Follow-up
Your first card on your next turn is -4F.
F:4 D:4

151/206 (STARTER DECK – FOIL – Ric Flair)
Profilin’ Shin Breaker
Trademark: Mean
Draw up to 4 cards.
F:8 D:8

152/206 (STARTER DECK – FOIL – Ric Flair)
Wheelin’ Knee Drop
Trademark: Mean: Follow-up: Maneuver
If you have greater Fortitude than your opponent: this card has Momentum.
F:12 D:12

153/206 (ULTRA RARE – FOIL – Ric Flair)
The Founder of the Four Horsemen
Pre-match: Storyline
Draw 2 cards.
Superstar Value: +4
New Superstar Ability:
Replace “Assault,” “Hold,” or “Throw” with “Assault, Hold, and Throw” in the rules bar of your F:0 Reversals with “Reversal: printed #D—#D Assault/Hold/Throw.”

154/206 (ULTRA RARE – FOIL – Ric Flair)
I’m Going—Whoooo!—Up Top!
Antic: Follow-up: Maneuver
Your opponent may discard 4 random cards and overturn 4 cards: put this card into your Ringside and end your turn.
If he does not: put up to 4 cards from your Ringside on top of your Arsenal, search your Arsenal for up to 1 card, put it into your hand, and shuffle your Arsenal.
F:8 D:0

155/206 (ULTRA RARE – FOIL – Ric Flair)
Still the Man
Reversal: Extreme, Mean, or Momentum
If your Superstar Value is greater than your opponent’s: -4F.
F:16 D:8

156/206 (ULTRA RARE – FOIL – Ric Flair)
Flair’s Figure Four Finale
Trademark: Colossal
Your opponent discards 2 cards.
Shuffle up to 2 cards from your Ringside into your Arsenal.
F:24 D:24

Storyline ෾........
: Һҹ [20 .. 50 3:25] ( IP A: X: )
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    Storyline ෾͹ѹ
: edge THE X-NEW [20 .. 50 9:23] ( IP A: X: )
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: Rated ART [20 .. 50 9:35] ( IP A: X: )
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: Sexy Boy [21 .. 50 22:17] ( IP A: X: )