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   My friend asked me to pass this flyer to our Thai Society.
I am not sure if this ad should be put in this web board. If not, please accept my apologies.


Imagine have succulent fresh steamed sea bass for lunch, or pan-fried river sol with white juices for dinner. Yummm 

Order the type of seafood you’d like and we deliver to Norwich at specified dates straight from the morning’s catch by the sea, so fresh that it’s flopping on your plate! Collect it at a pick up point very near UEA to ensure freshness.

Seafood available: (Roughly in order of increasing prices)
• Sea Bream
• Sea Bass
• Witting
• Haddock
• Halibut
• Cod
• River Sol
• Eel
Available in small, medium or large sizes.

Also selling: - by the box
• King Prawns (frozen farmed - with or without shell)
• Squid
• Stingray (with or without skin)
• Lobster and Crab (if in season)

If you wish to request a certain type of fish, please do and we’ll see what we can do.

This depends on order quantity. It can go as low as 4 pounds for the cheapest fish! It’ll be cheaper and fresher than Morrisons or Tesco. Please note that prices may go up during the winter months.

Khoo - 07809570498 -
Facebook group: UEA Fresh
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   Son, please feel free to put selling, buying ad to this web board unless it is harmful to our members' health eiei.
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