Let's go to Rose Garden
   Looking forward to see you all at The Rose Garden on 17th + 18th this month. Anyone coming?

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   Tee-Yai last month with P'Ple

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ไปเชียร์อย่างเดียว ไม่มีหมาไปประกวด
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   K.Snooker, what happen to Wattel & SuShi?
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   Khun Ball,
They are fine. Wattel was mated to S-Kenn, I think she is pregnant. And Sushi is prepare to go to SchH training.
Will you bring Vodga to the show?, hope he can get the first prize again.

See you
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   K.Snooker, it's great to hear that Wattel is get' pregnant with S-Kenn. Definitely something to look forward in the near future. When is it gonna be their birthday? Too bad to hear that they are not going. Otherwise, they would have to bring back some trophies for you. They are high-end quality dogs for show. Rose Garden last year was the first I met Sushi. I think I was the only guy on this planet who could get her piss off. She almost bit me last year. 555 How old is she now?

Vodka and all the other 4 kids are going for sure. First prizes are gonna be tough though as many top dogs are going. We just do our best then and hope that my kids won't get to be too lazy in the ring.

This is Vodka 2.5 months when we were first met. Very stunningly stupid little dog. That's why we picked him.

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   K. Ball
Wattel is expected to whelp on Jan 5, 2006. And I think she will has 4 or 5 pups.
I just remember the incident you nearly bit by Sushi at Suan Sampran last year. You said that Sushi is very cute but still show a little shy to stranger, and sould have more chance to go outdoor to reduce her shyness. I have to say thank you for your admiring to my girls.
Your other 4 kids must be Capo, Flora, Tee-yai and Muay-lek. They are all outstanding specimens especialy Tee-Yai. I do Admire this boy and hope that he will have a great future.
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Why ...my picture is show is web? Is very nice. Hi ball....
See you in Rose Garden (maybe)
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   Hello P'Ple
U, P'Kaew and the girls are doing good? Been quiet lately. Missing both of you. Hope you guys can make it there with Donra. Oh, and Donra changed her last name already?!

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   หวัดดีค่ะบอล เด็กๆพร้อมแล้วใช่มั้ยเจอกันที่สวนสามพรานค่ะ
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Tee Yai, Muay Lek, Capo, Flora, and Vodka are just like monkeys. Watch them dance on this Saturday. U are coming?
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