According the shortness of nurses in Danemark
   Dear Sirs;

According the shortness of nurses in Danemark,the danish Government want to let nurses from Thailand work in their country.
The plan sounds good in theory but some politicians wonder wether it will work in the practice. They argue that Thai nurses might cause problem to the nursing staff,the patientes and the hospital.
Once many danish hospitals used to have problem with foreign doctors. And some politicians presume that Thai nurses might not qualify for the job like those doctors who could not complete their job..

As a Thai nurse, who is living and working in Europe,may I make a comment on this arguement,please.
I think it`quite wrong in saying that most Thai nurse just do not qualify for the job.The politiciants can not compare Thai nurses with another foriegn doctors. People vary from country, culture and behavior. Doctor and nurse have also the different function in Team. Doctor treats and nurse cares patients. Surely,they both have the same goal to make the patients be on the road of recovery but they have a different function anyway. will be not easy for Thai nurses to work in Danemark at the beginning. But I am quite convinced that they will try and do their best on their job.

I think these 2 factors will be their problem at the beginning.

1 Language

Thai nurses who want to work aboard become aware of the fact that they have to learn Danish intensively and have to adjust themselves to people and life in Danemark.
Of course they will pay all their attention to learn the new language and the language barrior can be destroyed by their attemp.

2. The high expectation of the danish staff on the Thai nurses at the begining.

Thai nurses are very hard working and able to do their duty well. But at the beginning the danish staff has to understand that they need also time to learn the danish language also. The danish nursing staff has to speak slowly and explain them sometimes if they have some linguistic problem . In the course of time they will get accustomed to the danish language .

If they had any qualificated Nurse or nursing agency who take care of them well and teach them the danish language, it would not be a big problem at all.

As I came to Germany for 17 years ago. I could not speak German at all. I completed my nursing degree in Thailand before I went to Germany.

I learned German 3 hours a day in the morning and worked 7 hours in the afternoon at the hospital. After 6 months I was accepted as an RN there.
The nusrsing job is the same as the job I did in Thailand. But the language is quite different. I had luck because my german colleaques helped me even if we had lots of stress at work.
I kept lerning German lanuage all the time.
Two years ago I was choosed to study further to be a mentor. Unfortunately I had to refuse this offer because I had a bad car accident. My daughtor was severe injured.

I am the head of our wound management group in the hospital.

I am the ownner of the book “ Beschreibung der Symptome beim Arztbesuch-How to tell your symptoms to the doctor ”. This book is for Thai people who can not understand and can not speak German well. If they had to go to see a doctor,they could use this book as a guidance.

I inform you about my success just not to show off. I would like to let you know, if those Thai nurses had a chance to work in Danemark, they would and could do their job well. Please do not look over their capacity and their knowledge.Please give them a chance.

Your faithfully,

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