Working abroad! Europe or America?
   Dear ,

I would like to join your group because my dream is to work abroad and get money to build a house for my family.
Right now, I've already work on the progress to go to USA. I already passed the NCLEX nursing license of....XXXX.... But I don't know what else should I do.
It would be great if I can have some other countries information to help make my desicion.
I will be appreciate to here from you. And it would be my honor if you will contact.


โดย: no name nurse [15 ส.ค. 50 3:09] ( IP A: X: )
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   Here is my reply!!!

Dear Nong no name nurse,
I am extremely concerned that you have been waiting so long for a reply to your request.
I must confess that your mail was unaccountably overlooked. An oversight for which I must sincerely
According to your CV ( Curiculum Vitae), I am really impressed by your knowledge and practical experience. you attain great success in passing NCLEX Test. congratulation!!!!You are such a smart Thai nurse.

I must admit that your request for some useful advice is by no means uncommon. But ,frankly,to give anyone advice if I did not know him/her very well before ,is not easy .

You wrote me that you would like to work abrord to earn more money in order to build a house for your family. Do you set another goal for working abroad.? Will you be happy to live and work in another country?
I do not know if you have a boyfriend in Thailand,if you will have a serious home sick , if you have to give your civil servant status away.

If you mean, you would love to work abrod a lot to gain different experience,
if you know that you are strong enought to stay on your own feet in another country ,
if you are curious to live in another culture, I would recommend you to go abrord and make your dream real.

Anyway if you desire to work abroad ,you should better go to America.

People who have such a great Qualification like you, will feel more comfortable over there than in Europe . It is a pity that many Thai nurses in some european countries have to start learning a basic nursing care and language collaterally . Some of them have to learn 3-4 years untill their qualification is accepted by the nursing council.
It does not mean that they are not smart enough, but it is the national rule which they have to follow.

Above all,there is surley much more possibility (in America) for further education in Master degree or Ph:D.

I wonder whether this answer can help you a little bit.

I wish you luck always.


My English is not good. I haven`t written English a lot. I prefer answering in Thai to English.
I hope you understand me well.
I have to answer in English because I have to use my son`s computer and it does not have Thai fonts.

โดย: yai (เจ้าบ้าน ) [15 ส.ค. 50 3:18] ( IP A: X: )
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   Thank you so much on your kindness reply.
I also plan myself to go to work in USA, as I ever been an exchanged student in there when I was in high school. So, I rather feel comfort and familiar to go there.
Anyway, your english is completely understandable for me.
By the way, my nickname is "A" and your picture are very pretty ka.
โดย: asiratha [15 ส.ค. 50 17:16] ( IP A: X: )
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   Here is some interesting information for you!!
โดย: yai [15 ส.ค. 50 20:28] ( IP A: X: )
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