Hello P'nui .. ;)) ตอบคำถามพี่นุ้ย English Breakfast

P'nui . My name is Prang . I'm studying at Kanjanapisek Wittayalai Nakhonpathom School in Muttayom 5 .
I knew your e-mail contact from the internet and I knew that you opened your own English school.
I have read your education profile on your hi5 and I think you are really great ! with that GPA from your hi-school .
I really appreciate you for your hard-trying work sharing your English knowledge to your student on world-wide-web.
Actually, I wrote this E-mail just to practice my English because at school my Eng language is very awful .
What do you about the grammar I put in , does it okay ?
By the way , I want to know about your English school that if you have expanded your school place already
What places there be . Just in case you open your Eng school nearby my home I would see the way to get me to be smarter in English :-)
I would say many thanks to you for your information .

Please Reply me in English too ,, Thanks a lot ,, with respect , MPrang

Dear N' Maprang,

Thanks for writing to me. You can visit my website https://www.nuienglish.com. The school is located in Nonthaburi. You can take a placement test on both Sat and Sun from 9.00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

p.s. Don't worry. Your communication and writing skill is all right. Just keep on practising. As you know, practice makes perfect. Happy New Year ka!!

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