aim, objective, and worry
   Dear sirs
1) Can you explain the difference between aim and objective?
I thought they are the same.
But I saw some people used aim and objective together.
2) How to use word worry.
Quite confused to say Dont worry or Dont be worried.
I worry about.or I am worried about..

Thank you very much.
PS Your program fan always.
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   "Aim" refers to the goal or outcome, while "objective" deals with the process which have to be established so that such a goal can be achieved. Goal and objective are more or less the same, especially when you think abount the term "development" which can be both a process and a goal within itself. However, to provide a distinction of these two words, I will give the examples of "reach the aim of expected growth rate" and reach the objective of income generation" The aim talks about the final output, but the objective is primarily concerned with the action.

2.Both forms of worry are applicable.
"I am worry" is valid because worry can be an adjective which comes after verb to be
"I am worried" is also in use because worry can be a verb of feeling (interesting and interested)

Therefore, the forms you selected is based on your perspective towards this word.

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   what's about " Don't worry" or can we say "I worry about..."
Please give a bit more details on this.

Many thanks
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