Zug Haus sells 2 x Brass Siam Locomotives to customer in Canada !!!
   2 months ago Mr. Zhe Lu contacted Zug Haus - The Train Station about Siam Locomotive Brass Models. He was not disappointed to know that we also take PayPal payments and ship internationally, even to Canada where he was living. Here you can see him very happy with his 2 bought brass models from us. One of them is a D51 which he put side by side with Japanese and Taiwanese brass models.

We would like to thank him for his interest and support in Siam Locomotive models and hope that he enjoys them very much. We hope to assist him in pursuing his dream hobby in the future as well.
Thank you from the Zug Haus Team.

โดย: Zug Haus 0808-01-2088 [29 ต.ค. 56 8:42] ( IP A: X: )
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   This is a picture of Mr. Zhe Lu posting proudly with his new Brass Siam Locomotive !!!

โดย: Zug Haus 0808-01-2088 [29 ต.ค. 56 8:43] ( IP A: X: )