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Fleischmann's new HO class E60 shunting locomotive. Model is available in several versions, era II DRG grey, era III DB green and era IV DB red. Models are available with and without sound in both 2-rail DC and 3-Rail AC for the Marklin system.

Model: The Fleischmann 436071 German Class E60 is an exquisite new model. The running performance is excellent. The model runs very smooth in both directions. Fleischmann has added a number of features which make this model very desirable. Model is equipped with functional digital couplers, factory installed SOUND, cab illumination and best of all you can digitally change the rear lights to a shunting mode sequence. In shunting mode you can couple and uncouple cars anywhere on your layout and change the rear lights to a single white or red light. Model is painted in the original grey blue livery with a highly detailed double arm pantograph. Model has many separate applied etched parts and extensive detail. The E60 would be a great shunting locomotive on any German era II layout.

Prototype: Starting in 1927 the Deutsche Reichsbahn operated 14 locomotives series E 60 at the big Bavarian railway stations for shunting services. They had a power output of 1,074 kW and a top speed of 55 km/h. The three rod coupled power axles with jackshaft, the engine with dual motors and the transverse rods of the series Winterthur made up a "half" electric locomotive for freight trains of the series E 91. Due to the distinct shape of the chassis the locomotives were nicknamed "Bügeleisen".

Model Features: 5 Pole Can Motor with Flywheel Metal Chassis & Frame Directional red & white LED lighting Cab Illumination Lights can be digitally set to shunting mode Factory installed sound decoder PluX22 Digital DCC Receptacle NEM 362 Coupler Pocket 2 Traction Tires Digital couplers
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