Zug Haus: Goods news for Pre-Order Roco E89 Crocodile / arrival on 9 April 2014 with MEGA LOT 115 !!

Good news for those who have pre-ordered the Roco E89 Crocodile. It has been delivered and will be @ Zug Haus on the 9th April 2014 as well together with MEGA LOT 115.
For those who have ordered their locomotives with us can pick it up on the 10th April 2014 onwards na krub.

Call 0808-01-2088 for more information or visit our fanpage:




Your Zug Haus Team

โดย: Zug Haus 0808-01-2088 [3 เม.ย. 57 13:54] ( IP A: X: )
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