Zug Haus News: Zug Haus now has a official LINE Account !!! Great benefits for our members !!!!

Zug Haus - The Train Station has a official LINE Account !!!
Add us to receive great benefits and up-to-date news directly to your phone.

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   account คืออะไรเข้าหลายครั้งไม่เห็นได้
โดย: kao2503 [22 เม.ย. 57 1:12] ( IP A: X: )
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Dear Khun Kao2503,

You just have to save our phone number 0808-01-2088 into your phone and we will automatically appear in your line chat friends.

Otherwise try adding a new friend with the name ZUG HAUS

We have more than 30 people already adding us...so there should not be a problem for you as well.


Zug Haus Team

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