รบกวนสอบถามครับ เพิ่งได้ MTH Big boy 4005 มาแต่พอลงราง ROCO แล้วขึ้นว่า ช๊อต

รองใส่เฉพาะ tender ส่วนหลังดูก็ ช๊อต ครับ ส่วนตัว loco วางรางตัวเดียวแล้วไม่ขึ้น ว่าช๊อต


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Dear Khun Varoon_sak,

I have made not so good experiences with MTH when using Roco Multimaus or Fleischmann Profi-Boss and would recommend to use the following steps to find out the root cause:

1. Was the locomotive working when you tested it at the shop?

2. What controller was used at the shop to test it for you? (MRC/Roco/Fleischmann?)

3. If you bring the locomotive back to the same shop now, is it still working?


From my experience, the only solution was to send back the locomotive to the US and get it replaced (and possibily paying 20%+7% tax again) and sent back to Thailand again.

Best is always to approach the seller in the first place.

Hope I was able to help.


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Dear Khun Martin,

Thanks for your helpful on clarifications. I was brought second hand from southern of Thailand with out testing because of trussed that he said it first hand no playing..this is quite stupid thing..but he said he agreed to pay for repair cost. I had tested more and look like decoder was damage.

I think will sent one shop to repair it.

Can i ask you more, Is it possible to modified by using new decorder control board and new sound card from your shop? I do not care to get thing back to original., just keep it alive and moving..

Thanks you very much


Note; l was got 4th big boy from your shop, it really good and very liked it

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Decorder and sound?

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มีร้านรับซ่อมแล้วคับ. น่าจะทำได้..hope ขอบคุณทุกท่าน  ครับ

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