Coming Soon: LOT 61 Preview on Zug Haus Website
   Just wanted to update all the things which will come with LOT 61 in a few days to come na krub.
Arrival 7 April 2012.

Below is one of the Highlights:

Liliput HO scale Armor Plated WWII German class 42. 2-10-0 with bathtub tender. Ep.II Tarnfarbe
(HO scale) Military 2-10-0 steam locomotive class BR 42 1800 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn DRG with armour plating in WWII camouflage livery and eagles emblems. Era II, metal tender body and frame , metal locomotive frame, metal wheels and rod gears, bi-directional lights and lighted firebox , 5-pole motor with flywheel, sprung buffers , Digital ready with NEM652 (8-pin) interface, length: 268mm.

Go to :

To see all items arriving !!!!

Happy Browsing !!!

Reservations only by Phone to Khun Noang: 0808-01-2088

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    Mehano Blue Tiger : The Longest Diesel Locomotive in Europe with 3 Coal Wagons

โดย: Zug Haus 0808-01-2088 [22 มี.ค. 55 15:41] ( IP A: X: )
ความคิดเห็นที่ 2
   Hello K.Martin,

The Mehano Blue Tiger set looks so nice. Kindly let me know its price if it still available na krub.

Thank you so much krub... smile
โดย: Por [23 มี.ค. 55 20:12] ( IP A: X: )
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   Blue Tiger กับ TGV งดงามมากครับ...^^
โดย: Ludmilla [24 มี.ค. 55 9:12] ( IP A: X: )