ҡͧö俨ͧ Superman return

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marklin˹ ҧյçҧ
scale1 DC áҷӾѧҧ͡...ѹᾧ.

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   It seems to me to be O-Scale ... looking at the size etc ....
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   㹩ҡ ͹ Marklin Ѻ

ѹҨ ФѺ ˭袹Ҵ
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   Marilyn paints a large castle miniature for the train set scene

in Superman Returns. By the end of the shoot, the model was broken in two, but luckily it was repaired and given to a good home!...

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** HO ФѺ ˭袹Ҵ

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   Ҩ ҧǹ Marklin ФѺ ʹ͢ ҧԧ ...

Märklin-News July 06
Märklin - July 2006

What has the brand new superman movie got to do with a German model train manufacturer? The connection between these two is a hyper-realistic Märklin model train set of 14 meters by the same across used as background for one of the major scenes. One of the decisive battles between good (Superman) and bad (Lex Luther) is staged on this enormous Märklin rail set.

The huge set was created due to an idea of the director Bryan Singer and his writers. For 14 weeks twelve model makers, five carpenters, three scenic artists, four specialists for finished models, a CAD design engineer and two electricians were busy assembling this miniature scenery from hundreds of individual Märklin kits. Bryan Singer chose Märklin as a result of an extensive market research. Besides the great choice of trains and model kits the main reason for partnering the German Märklin company was the high quality of their beautiful, detailed models. Their trains and model kits are simply exquisite said Guy Hendrix Dyas, production designer of Superman returns. They built a superlative model train set mimicking various landscapes including a miniature Metropolis with its high skyscrapers, imitations of little villages in the Swiss Alps and the Scottish Highlands. Even German castles, American landscapes like Mount Rushmore and delicate harbour facilities were parts of this unique set. Most remarkably, the design crew used two different scales of miniature trains, i.e. H0 and Gauge 1 to achieve forced perspectives. The artists used 280 metres of rails in both scales, 21 electric circuits and various kinds of trains. All locomotives and wagons have been treated with paint or to speak the language of model makers carefully weathered and partially re-varnished.

On occasion of the movie Märklin offers a once-only special edition of Superman trains for H0. This set reserved to Insider Club members includes an electric locomotive Superman" and a diesel locomotive "Lex Luthor", based on a dual system locomotive class 185 and the general-purpose locomotive "Hercules" designed together with Warner Brothers for the animated film. The Superman set with the article number 36837 may be ordered at a suggested retail price of 218.

Märklin Club Members will also appreciate the high side gondola with a load of "Kryptonite", which glows mysteriously green while operating just like the real kryptonite in the movie. The wagon with the article number 48706 will cost approximately 16,90 (suggested retail price).

Kryptonite Wagons are available at short notice. Engine sets will be delivered at the end of the year. Orders should be placed at your Märklins specialized shop before September 30th, 2006.

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鹻Kryptonite 份ҡٻ


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    ͹ҹҧͧŵ͹ Ŵԧթҡö俨ͧ ǹҨHO 繵͹
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