Zug Haus - Preview Z21 Control with DCC Sound Locomotive
   Dear members,

We have SOLD one Set of the Z21 at our shop already yesterday and have one more available for you to come and test at the shop.

You can also visit our website to see the YouTube Video of the usage of the Control


I am more than happy to explain the usage of the unit, as we are the first shop in Asia to have this.
It only takes 2 mins to setup and connect to the iPad/iPhone.

Regards and enjoy


โดย: Zug Haus 0808-01-2088 [9 ส.ค. 55 11:24] ( IP A: X: )
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   Thank you for all the members who have come to the shop and tested the Z21 na krub.

I hope that you have seen how easy and connvenient the system is and hope that you will tell your friends about it.

Again, Zug Haus is the First Shop in Asia to have this system and for the time being the most knowledgable train shop to consult.


โดย: Zug Haus 0808-01-2088 [12 ส.ค. 55 9:07] ( IP A: X: )