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Hi all. I think it's about time I'm done with hanging out on forums and thinking about starting a serious life. But I have a self-esteem problem, and it's a problem that's keeping me from solving my problem right now with the fact that we have no personal life and absolutely nothing. I sit at home all day and just spend my life on the computer because I'm scared to communicate in real life with people because of my bad self-esteem.

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It seems to me that the problem is not that you're sitting on forums about I you basically need to rethink your life, if you feel bad and have a problematic self-esteem, then you need to develop yourself comprehensively and look at yourself from different angles, not just the side that you sit on forums and because of that you're bad?


Dude, I think it's really about rethinking your life a little bit and coming at it from a different angle, otherwise it's not going to work out for you.sad

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By the way, I wanted to tell you that it's impossible to become successful without good self-esteem, so maybe what I just told you will give you some kind of motivation to do things better and faster. Well in general, then think for yourself verboten, I want to tell you to stop as soon as possible. Cool dude and don't worry about yourself. I want to tell you that all people are cool.

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If you want to improve your self-esteem toward yourself, and for you to have a better time in your environment and feel comfortable with yourself, I recommend that you begin by starting to love yourself a little bit at a time. That you accept yourself as you are, because it is you and you will not change yourself. It remains only to accept and because of this, if you love yourself, you will live a much easier and much more pleasant life.


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I am quite such, eu amazed that you think that what you are sitting on this forum is a problem of your self-esteem. I think it's always much deeper than that and what you're saying now is generally something you shouldn't even consider worth sorting out. Much deeper and look inside yourself, what made you like this and what you need to do next, if you can't do it yourself, there are a lot of licensed online professionals who are willing to help sort out your self-esteem and help you raise it. For example, there's this self esteem therapist virtual help company that can really do therapy, can have a good conversation with you. I'm sure it will also be cheap.

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