Dyson DC28 Animal
   Dyson DC28 Animal

After having used a relative's older Dyson Pet Hair vacuum (unsure of model #), and loving it, we decided to get a Dyson D28. It has the best suction of any vacuum I've ever used; it's on par with my 5HP shop vac. One of the reasons I like it, is that the tools and extension wand are very easy to get to and use. The wand pulls out of the handle very easily and is ready to be used in seconds. The flexible extension hose reaches the top of our stair case (17 steps) and the included wind turbine upholstery brush does an amazing job on carpeted stairs. The beater brush on the vacuum has three stettings for different carpet piles (low, med, and high shag) - the brush spins at different speeds depending on the setting. You can also turn of the beater for bare floors. I particularly like the design for it's ease of clearing clogs - there are several easy ways to take apart the hose and nozzle assemblies to clear a clog. Highly recommend for anyone with pets or kids.

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