Information technology applications in public health and medicine


Information technology has been used in the development. joker123 Public health And make public health work progress rapidly By the Ministry of Public Health Has adjusted the management system And reuse technology Information used in various tasks as follows

- Patient registration Since the beginning of the collection of drug payment cards

- Medical care support By connecting the computer systems of various hospitals together, can create a medical information network. Exchange information of patients.

- able to provide distance consultation By a medical professional Information technology Will help the doctor see the face Or gestures of patients Helps to send document information. Or images for consideration of doctors

- Information technology will help To educate the public of doctors Or various public health departments With convenience and speed
More effective by being able to use various media such as still images, movies, sounds, etc.

- Information Technology Helping executives to set policies And monitor and control Better implementation of the policy By relying on accurate information instantly And necessary information However, the computer may be used as a data storage device. Makes management possible quickly
More accurate, more fire

- In the field of education or distance learning and information technology Especially satellites Will help distance learning Medical and public health is more possible. People can learn simultaneously throughout the country and can also respond or ask questions.

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