Sleep addiction, warning signs, many diseases

How to find out that the bed.
 joker123 Don't want to get out of bed to do things Difficult to get up in the morning

Please continue to sleep. Snooze alarm every day Sleep all day And always sleepy

Can sleep anywhere, even asleep on the table, lie down on a friend and take a short time, really sleep

Whether suffering or happiness The bed was the only destination used during that time.

Doing all activities on the bed, such as playing on the phone, reading books, watching TV, or even eating food and snacks.
Impact if having bed sucking disease
Difficult to wake up easily May not be because you are lazy But being addicted to stress that must be encountered each day Until causing adrenal insufficiency Until showing symptoms as seen If chronic stress accumulates From working too hard, not getting enough rest or exercising Decreased cortisol hormone levels Will not have any strength to get up from the bed in the morning Lack of enthusiasm And exhausted during the day

Mood swings Some people also experience stress or depression. Rapid emotional change By this emotional change May be related to illness or changes within the body. Even certain psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder, emotional psychosis etc.

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Their knowledge and knowledge with any trouble that could arise is wonderful and they may be a delight to work with. Franklin Addiction Treatment

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