7 basic etiquette things to know before going to the gym

joker123 Fitness or gym is a semi-public exercise facility, meaning only registered members can use the service. Makes fitness or gym become a small society That has many types of people using the service Therefore, in order to coexist in a small society This peacefully Should have basic rules and etiquette in order to set the rules for sharing space as follows

- Not making loud noises to disturb other people Whether it is grouping, talking with friends like having fun Or making loud noises during exercise Should turn down the volume so as not to disturb other members That is concentrating on exercise

- Play and keep the equipment in place. This is a basic etiquette that should be done. Regardless of what service you use Should keep various devices Take off the weight Place the device in the correct position For others to continue using Or even belts, sponges, books, magazines Should keep in place To be generous to others Helps the fitness to be more orderly And also helps to be safe From walking through the clutter

- wipe away the sweat that has been spilled on the device Sweating Is the nature of those who exercise Especially when playing magic And heavy cardio Therefore, it is their responsibility. Should wipe clean the seat And tools When always playing Considered to help maintain cleanliness. And sanitation in the fitness area as well

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