The children of Korean War prisoners who never came home

The children of Korean War prisoners who never came home

At the point when slotxo the Korean War finished in 1953, around 50,000

South Korean detainees of war were kept in the North. Many were constrained

into working occupations without wanting to. Some were slaughtered.

Presently their kids are battling for acknowledgment, composes BBC Korea's

Subin Kim. 

Regardless of how diligently she attempts, Lee can't remember what occurred

after three shots were discharged by the killers who slaughtered her dad and

sibling. It was three decades prior, when Lee was in her thirties. 

She recollects what happened not long previously. Security officials had

hauled her to an arena in a far off town in North Korea called Aoji. She had to

sit under a wooden scaffold, hanging tight for something - she knew not what

- to occur. 

A group expand and a truck pulled up, and two individuals were accompanied

off the truck. It was her dad and sibling. 

"They attached them to stakes, calling them tricksters of the country, spies and

traditionalists," Lee told the BBC in a meeting as of late. That is the second

her memory vacillates. "I think I was shouting," she said. "My jaw was

disjoined. A neighbor took me home to fix my jaw."

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