‘Fortnite’ Astronaut Challenge: How To Find The Ancient Ship And Install The Missing Parts

Another mystery challenge crash-arrived into Fortnite's sandy shores today. 

The water levels from the Season 2 flood fell by and by, uncovering not just the new Coral Castle (Atlantis) Named Location, however a secretive antiquated spaceship on a little fix of sand north of Craggy Cliffs. 

The boat is slotxo alluded to in-game as the Ancient Ship, and inside you'll see its outsider traveler. It appears glaringly evident that Fortnite is getting the strings of an old storyline—one about Travelers and Rockets and Rifts, goodness my. 

Regardless, discovering this spaceship will initiate another test with various advances that are for the most part simple to finish. Here are the means: 

Discover Ancient Ship (1) 

Gather Missing Parts (3) 

Introduce Missing Parts (3) 

Start Launch Sequence (1) 

Dispatch the Ship (1) 

Dispatch Successful (1) 

Finding the old boat commences the remainder of these difficulties. At that point you'll have to locate the three missing parts—a Heat Shield, Thruster and Battery Pack—introduce them on the separated boat and set its dispatch succession. 

When that clock goes right down the boat dispatches, however when I encountered this it didn't such a great amount of dispatch as out of nowhere shoot me through a break into the sky. The boat was just gone. Breaks lined the little island around us, which you could hop through to impel yourself into the air. 

Regardless, here are the areas of the three missing parts: 

The boat itself is on the island where the little white marker is. The three missing parts are spread out in nearness. 

The Battery Pack is only east of the boat in the water by certain stones which I broke yet I don't know you need to break: 

The Battery Pack is introduced on the right/top-side of the boat. 

The Thruster is over the sound on a precipice: 

This is the hardest to arrive at missing part however the simplest to spot, as it's seen gleaming from a good ways. Simply develop to it to recover the part and afterward head back to the Ancient Ship to introduce it in one of the boat's wings. 

The Heat Shield can be found in the sandy promontory toward the finish of the bluffs where you found the Thruster. It's additionally by/underneath certain stones which I broke. Like the Battery Pack you'll likely hear this part murmuring before you spot it. 

You'll introduce this awful kid directly close to where you introduced the Battery Pack. When you're finished with each of the three you'll be incited to dispatch the boat. Do as such and the entire test occasion will start and once that is all completely finished with you get 25,000XP and a feeling of achievement. 

Two significant notes on this test: First and premier, you can finish it in the Battle Lab, making it path simpler than if you needed to fight with foe players, however I don't know how hot this territory will be given this is a mystery challenge. 

Second, I was astounded to discover that this test is finished as a group. So you and your crew can rapidly snatch up and introduce these parts without every one of you finding every one. This makes it considerably snappier and simpler. 

What's more, that's all there is to it, parents. Here's a video of my child and I finishing the test inside Battle Lab. I think I picked the ideal skin for the event.

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