The deadly hunt for Jade in Myanmar

The deadly hunt for Jade in Myanmar

Si Thu Phyo slotxo was searching for extra gemstones when he felt the earth shake

free around him. 

The 21-year-old was working diligently in one of the world's biggest jade mines,

in Kachin State in northern Myanmar. He was only one of many jade pickers in

the pits that day. He attempted to run, as the avalanche smashed down, however

before he could get away from he was overwhelmed by an influx of water, mud,

and stone. 

Si Thu tumbled under the water. My mouth was brimming with mud, the stones

were hitting me and the waves pushed me under over and over," he said. "I thought

I was going pass on." 

Be that as it may, Si Thu swam out. Afterward, in emergency clinic, he discovered

that seven of his dearest companions didn't. They were among an expected 200

individuals who had kicked the bucket in the country's most exceedingly terrible

regularly mining avalanche. 

"We lived like siblings, frequently dozing in a similar bed," Si Thu said

unobtrusively, reviewing his companions. 

From his confined home, which he imparts to nine relatives, he can see the mountain

where he was scanning for stones that day. 

I feel regretful for being the person who endure," he said. I wish this misfortune

is an awful dream and I wake; no avalanche and my companions are back."

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