Economics What has been studied and graduated? What work can be done?


Economics is a social  slotxo science study of human and social behavior, including production, consumption, distribution and service, as well as the management of limited resources to benefit. Learn about the Thai economy and the world economy. Stories to study about the well-being of the country Foreign and social people Especially about economy and numbers Because it is an important subject matter for people who study in this field, must study to understand

Faculty of Economics It is the study of human resource control and distribution methods. The English term economics comes from the ancient Greek word Oikonomia. Which means Organizing home matters and duty management Economics was originally part of the field of political science. That recently separated into their own subjects in the late 19th century, the study of economics It can be divided according to the content into two main areas: microeconomics and regional economics. Microeconomics focuses on the study of economic activities at the individual level. The structure of the economy And important people or agencies Involved Macroeconomics Will study the economy as a whole, both at the national and international level Economics is a very interesting subject. Especially in the current world economic situation That is highly competitive and the economy of each country around the world are interconnected. Personnel with in-depth knowledge of economics are therefore highly sought after by organizations.

Branches offered
Theoretical and Quantitative Economics
Business Economics
Financial Economics
Fiscal Economics
Development Economics and Planning
Industrial economics
International Economics
Cooperative Economics
Public Economics, Development and Politics
General economics
Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
Suitable people for studying Faculty of Economics
Like to analyze, think, calculate and plan systematically
Observant, love to study
Always interested to follow the news that happens. Especially the movement about the economy

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