How to treat swollen feet?

The treatment for swollen feet must depend on the cause slotxo of the swelling. But even so, there are ways to alleviate swollen feet as well.

          - Move the body regularly So that the blood flows better

          - Avoid sitting hanging legs. When sitting with your legs hanging for a long time, alternate leg raises or postures over the cushions or chairs (your feet hip-height) to prevent too much blood from falling on your feet. Which can cause more swollen feet
          - Reduce eating salty because sodium from salt is one of the causes of swelling.
          - Drink lots of clean water to help the lymphatic system work normally.
          - Do not wear clothes Apparel that is too tight Especially around the thighs or ankles
          - Take care of your figure to not get too fat. If overweight should lose weight It will help prevent foot swelling.
          - Raise your feet slightly higher when you sleep, for example, having a pillow to support your legs will help reduce swelling of your feet. Or you may lie on your back and hold your legs against the wall for 2-3 minutes. Repeat this several times a day.
          - If you have to sit in the car for a long time To rotate the ankles and feet up - down. To move the feet

          - Should wear an ankle bandage to reduce pain and swelling. Especially those who need to stand for a long time

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