Know the roof of the house Choose which type to suit your home.


If the front of the house is like the surface of the house slotxo The roof of the house is not different from the hair style. If the hairstyle is distorted and does not fit the face shape The house may not look in your eyes much. And even though currently there is no fixed frame for choosing a house roof design But buying a house with a roof that is suitable and meets the needs of living the most Helps to make the house more relevant to the residents

 Get to know the type of house roof.

1. Gable roof
Is a standard roof pattern that is common It is contemporary and popular. This is because the sloping shape of the roof is designed to allow air to circulate. It allows the cool air mass to come in to help cooling. Makes it possible to cool the heat under the roof as well Suitable for hot and humid weather like Thailand. Also, if the direction is properly positioned, it can still receive the wind well with the local wind

2. Hip roof house

The shape looks similar to the gable, but differs in that the hip roof has four slopes and often has an overhang over the house. Helps to protect from the sun and rain well With the solid shape of the 4-sided structure, the hipped roof is durable and strong. But at the same time In terms of ventilation and air intake, it is not very good. Therefore should stick the eaves with holes for ventilation Or leave the groove on the eaves To allow better ventilation under the roof.

3. Manila roof
It is a combination of a gable and hip shape, with the shape gable at the top of the roof. The advantages of Manila style roof Is strong and stable Sunproof and rainproof as well. And still able to cool the heat like a gable This makes the Manila-style roof popular in tropical countries like Southeast Asia.

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