Power Bank 2020 cheap, worth using, what brands are there?


For people who use mobile phones quite a lot Especially people who use a model that is not very good battery. slotxo I would often have problems with my battery running out of the house. It would be difficult to find a charger, Power Bank or backup battery. It is indispensable for this group of people. Which some people may have a low budget Do not want to invest in buying an expensive Power Bank, today we have selected a cheap Power Bank that is good quality, good to use. Get together But the prices listed are approximate prices only. Which may have different prices for each store sold

1. Eloop E14 20,000mAh Backup battery, 20,000mAh, made of aluminum. Available in a variety of colors, LED lights indicate battery status while in use Two USB ports can charge 2 devices simultaneously. Supports both mobile phones and tablets with a maximum current of 2.1A, small, compact, easy to carry, about 690 baht.

2. Remax RPP-142 20,000mAh Power bank, 20,000mAh battery capacity, comes with 4 USB charging ports, supporting a variety of devices. Comes with a distinctive design look, eye-catching, compact, suitable for portability. There is a screen showing the working status clearly. Supports a maximum current discharge of 2.1A (MAX), supports recharging the Power Bank battery via the Micro USB port, Lightning and USB Type-C, price about 899 baht.

3.Yoobao PowerBank P2T 20,000mAh Power Bank from the brand Yoobao, model P2T, capacity of 20,000mAh, has a beautiful design, simple design, slim, light, easy to carry, with 2 inputs, both Micro USB and USB Type-C and 2 output ports, 5V / 1A and 5V / 2.1A, the price is about 990 baht.

4. AUKEY PowerPro 10,000 mAh PB-XD12 10,000mAh capacity backup battery, made of ultra-lightweight aluminum, elegant design, support PD fast charging (Power Delivery) up to 18W, including support for Quick Charge3.0 / 2.0, Sony: MTK PE , Samsung Fast Charge, Huawei FCP, which can be charged simultaneously up to 3 devices with USB-C / TYPE-C ports, charging up to 4 times faster than normal, with surge protection, built-in power cut system so that the device does not occur. Hot symptoms or overcharged, the price is about 890 baht


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