Finally, a video game worthy of Samurai Jack.

Samurai Jack, Genndy Tartakovsky's brilliant martial arts animated drama, debuted on Cartoon Network in December 2001, screened until 2004, returning for the fifth and final season on Adult Swim in 2017 all time. There are only two games made up of Series, and they're not great. Three years after the performance, Japan's Soleil Games slotxo showed us what Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time was like.

Samurai Jack is the perfect vehicle for a 3D action figure based on the book. We have heroes who have to fight countless battles to go back in time and defeat the big bad guys, the shapeshifting evil known as the Aku series, takes place in a twisted futuristic world with different humans. Stars and supernatural creatures Choose a location in the plot, have the weapon jack loaded, make one button lightly attack and the other hit hard, and as long as you do well, you're golden.

The developers of Soleil Games, a team made up of industry vets whose work include Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, did a great job with Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time.First, they chose the perfect location in the plot. For the long-running adventure, fans will remember Jack and Aku's daughter Ashi jumping through the portal in the final episode of the cartoon, reappearing to defeat the evil time after time. It turns out that traveling through portals is more involved. In an official cannon twist, Aku blows up the duo in the portal, sending Jack on a side adventure through the history of the comics. Basically, they take a moment from the show and squeeze out five or six hours of adventure there.

Gameplay in Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is a very basic 3D action platform. As predicted, one button performs a light attack and the other does a heavy attack, and combining the two creates a combo. Jack used his magic sword to slash the enemies. But can also be switched to a hammer, spear, golf club or any type of own punch. He can block and dodge. There are daggers and shurikens to throw bows and guns to shoot So many different weapons and combat abilities and they all feel great.

There is a slow increasing complexity in combat, which makes the game very satisfying to play. Hell, I enjoy watching the videos I myself play with.There's a lot of hacking and slashing as Jack goes back to the past (again) .There's also a platform, little puzzle solving, and a lot of skill and inventory management. very Although it is quite straightforward But the game's levels are packed with nooks full of hidden treasures and helpful NPCs, including everyone's favorite Scots, his daughters Sir Colin Bartholomew, Montgomery Rothchild III and Da Samurai. The samurai are especially important when upgrading skills. Potions, accessories and weapons repairs that are not magic samurai swords. He is the reason Jack collects gold during travel. He also collected skill points, which were used to unlock new abilities in the game's three-tier skill tree. Abilities include things like dealing extra damage with certain weapons and giving enemies a chance to drop special items upon defeat.

There is a lot of space for customization, although high level skills will require a lot of rare gems to unlock and that's the game. Fight, earn skill points, increase your fighting power, many more. The developers continue the painful moments between Jack and his beloved Ashi, giving fans of the cartoon the feeling that they are looking to propel the incredibly weary warrior to the next level in their adventures. Last time Everything goes well Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is the best hack and slash 3D action game imaginable. It isn't anything new But it did a great job with all the old stuff I didn't think of. If you are basic, be the best basic person you can.

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