Former World Bank Head Robert Zoellick: 'The World May Look Like 1900 Again'


The former World Bank head warned the world it might seem in 1900 if nations were not working together to tackle the slotxo current crisis.Robert Zoellick pointed out that the rift between the United States and China poses a serious threat to the global economic recovery.One of America's most senior public officials, Zoellick advises six U.S. presidents during his term.

He said the BBC's cooperation is the only way the global economy will escape recession.Zoellick, who also serves as deputy secretary of state, said his biggest concern was the escalating tensions between the slotxo United States and China.I think today [Relationship] was in a void and I don't think we knew where the bottom was and that was a very dangerous situation, he told the BBC's Asian Business Report.Zoellick warned that the world might look more like the world in 1900, when the superpowers competed if countries began to step aside from globalization and pursue the interests of nationalism.


Financial crisis

Mr. Zoellick served as World Bank president from 2007 to 2012, the year of the global financial crisis.As head of the organization, he works closely with the International Monetary Fund and the world slotxo government to deal with the collapse.The 2008-09 financial crisis was a very serious event, but we had the G20 [and] central banks cooperating. President Bush and President Obama are part of an international effort with [UK Prime Minister] Gordon Brown, he said.

Frankly, even China has a very strong stimulus program, and there are various forms of cooperation. We have no common feelings today.Zoellick urged the United States to work closely with China in finding solutions to the pandemic, rather than "sue them".

Trump 'flawed'

The person he blamed for causing much damage was US President Donald Trump.Zoe Elik is President of George W. Bush. Bush and George H.W.Bush. But he's clear about his dislike of Republicans in his current slotxo position.I disagreed with Trump from the start ... not just because of his policy stance. But also because of what I thought was a flaw in him.

I am worried about what he will do with the institution and the constitution and we are seeing that happen and in the pandemic we are seeing another dimension which is a question of competence.He believes President Trump's skepticism about the US allies and defenses has raised slotxo concerns for Asians at a time when Chinese power began to rule the region.It's a topic he explores in his new book, America in the World: A History of US Diplomacy and Foreign Policy.

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