Commerce reveals guidelines

Commerce reveals guidelines to stimulate the purchase and raise the price of rubber

Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce revealed that all sectors were meeting. Related to rubber, both farmers, the Rubber Authority of Thailand Buyers, processing industries slotxo and rubber-related associations on September 10, 2020, where the meeting discussed ways to stimulate the purchase and raise the price of rubber. To help farmers and the rubber industry in the country It was found that the demand for rubber tended to be higher due to the recovery of the major rubber user in China. Especially in the automotive and rubber glove industry sectors.

Factors that affect the price of each type of rubber fluctuate. Caused by the introduction of concentrated latex to make rubber slotxo gloves more The amount of raw rubber in the market decreased. And labor shortage problem Make the rubber sheet reduced Not enough Therefore, the meeting concluded together in determining measures to support domestic rubber prices, namely

Inspect the stock of rubber that requires traders to notify the quantity according to the Central Committee Announcement on Prices of Goods and Services (KGI) by establishing a joint working group between the Ministry of Commerce. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry of Interior Rubber slotxo Authority of Thailand (RAOT), Office of the Trade Competition Commission To organize a team to check the quantity of remaining tires in stock of entrepreneurs across the country It will also check stocks of entrepreneurs participating in the government's low-interest loan program. Which will start carpeting inspections nationwide by the end of Sept. 63
Let the Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT) expedite the project to cut rubber and plant alternative crops. By finding additional incentives for farmers who turn to other economic crops instead of rubber In order to reduce the area of   rubber plantation to achieve the goal soon

Let the Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT) consider improving conditions The government-sponsored low-interest slotxo loan scheme for farmers, entrepreneurs and exporters in the amount of 65 billion baht to stimulate rubber trading in the system. Provide more efficient absorption of rubber volume

The Ministry of Commerce will expand the export market. The business negotiations are scheduled both online and offline to buy rubber and products on September 30, 2020 and October 1, 2020 and in early December 2020. The Ministry of Commerce will, together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, organize an event "Agriculture, Production, Commerce, Market Thailand Rubber slotxo Expo" to stimulate rubber trading. Including products And innovative products That can be given as a gift In the New Year festival 2021 by organizing a new way That has an exhibition Product show And trading business negotiations Both offline and online systems, if price pressing or unfavorable behavior is found The Department of Internal Trade will coordinate the Office of the Trade Competition Commission to proceed in accordance with the law, which can be reported to the Hotline 1569.

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