The Nigerian filmmakers risking jail with lesbian movie Ife


Two Nigerian filmmakers face the prospect of being jailed if they ignore the authorities' stern warning and continue to release films about lesbian relationships.Confrontation with regulators - Nigeria's Film and Video Censorship Commission (NFVCB) is worthy of the film.Producer Pamela Adie and slotxo director Uyaiedu Ikpe-Etim determined that Ife (translated "love" in Yoruba) had reached a Nigerian audience, but the NFVCB said it would not be approved due to violating the country's strict laws. Homosexual
International premiere

To avoid this, the filmmakers are planning a surprise online launch to catch the careless regulators, however, the NFVCB is diligently investigating all digital platforms to prevent the film from falling out.NFVCB chief Adebayo Thomas said Adie and Ikpe-Etim could be jailed for promoting homosexuality in a country that bans same-sex relationships and could face up to 14 years in prison.They are holding private screenings in the commercial capital, Lagos, later this month, which they believe permission is not required.Ife will also have an international premiere in Canada in October.Adie said the aim of the film was to slotxo accurately portray lesbian and bisexual women in Nigerian films.If lesbian women appear in standard Nollywood movies, they are often portrayed as being dominated by bad companionship or forced homosexuality and are constantly in need of "thrifty", she said. With BBC

You rarely see stories about LGBT people, especially about queer women who speak to the reality of our lives.Ife was created to bridge the gap and keep the conversation going in Nigeria.Came out to a Nigerian mother is a story about two women falling in love when they spend three days together. They slotxo then tested love by the realities of same-sex relationships in a country like Nigeria, according to the film's publicity.If July's example has hinted at sex But it doesn't actually show Ife will push the boundaries of telling LGBT stories by Nigerian film standards.In one shot, both protagonists Ife and Adaora are lying in bed discussing love and challenges facing LGBT people, especially in their families.Their conversations formed the backbone of the teaser for the film.I told my mom before taking her about a week to agree on the matter. Ife, played by Uzoamaka Aniunoh, talks about the revelation that she's a lesbian.Which stands for a Nigerian mother interrupts Adaora played by Cindy Amadi.Is it too soon to say that I might love you? Adaora asked as they hugged.We are lesbians, this is the perfect time to answer Iv


'Must be censored'

Homosexuality is a highly controversial issue in many parts of Africa, and Nigeria is no different.It is a religious and traditional society and a Christian and Muslim organization with a strong influence against homosexuality.As a result, Nigeria is one of 30 countries on the continent that has been criminated.Legislation banning same-sex relations was passed in 2014 and built on a slotxo colonial ban on adultery. Police in Nigeria crack down on homosexual suspects by forcing most of them to hide.

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