The boys know! No uterus was injected "Cervical cancer vaccine" can


This may be the new knowledge of many people, especially you guys. “Cervical cancer vaccine” is not for women only. But men can also inject it. Why is that so? Tonkit360 explains it.

From the Korean series Record of Youth, there is a scene where the male protagonist and fellow male protagonist go to get cervical cancer vaccination to collect stamps. It becomes an interesting point why men Which did not have a slotxo uterus to be vaccinated against cervical cancer Even following the Korean Twitter trend

HPV in males
HPV or Human Papillomavirus It is a type of virus that can cause HPV infection such as cervical cancer. Vulvar cancer Vaginal cancer Rectal cancer Cancer of the mouth and throat Including adolescent cancer (Penis cancer), this type ofslotxo infection is infectious through direct contact.

But the main infection of this virus is sex, whether it is vaginal intercourse. Oral sex Or anal sex This means that HPV is a sexually transmitted disease. (Strains 16 and 18 cause cancer)

There are over 150 strains of HPV, but there are approximately 30-40 strains that cause the disease in humans, each with a different risk of disease. Infection in different organs With this strain of infection Would not have the effect of causing slotxo disease only in female. Because of this Although the male does not have a uterus But that does not mean that this infection cannot be. And it is not necessary to only infect the uterus.

The HPV virus in males is infected through sexual intercourse, as well as infection in women. Males are at an even higher risk of contracting this virus if they are homosexual men. According to data from the AIDS Research Center slotxo of the Thai Red Cross Society, in 2017, more than 200,000 homosexual men diagnosed with HIV (AIDS) were detected with the same HPV strain that caused cervical cancer in female participants. With up to 85 percent ever

But the reason why most people understand that cervical cancer is specific to women. That is because the virus is called the cervical cancer virus. And call the vaccine that prevents disease Cervical cancer vaccine Thus causing misunderstandings But if slotxo you understand that 70 percent of the causes of cervical cancer arise from HPV infection, not due to organ malfunction.

How at risk are men who are not getting the HPV vaccine?
As described above Males who change sexual partners frequently, homosexual males. Would be at risk of being completely infected with this type of infection And it is the same species that can cause cervical cancer in women. Males are therefore more likely to be transmitted from females. However, this infection is more likely to be transmitted from male to female, so be it male or female. It can be infected with HPV as well and can be disease as well. (Just a different disease Because of infection from different organs)

For males HPV infection can cause some types of slotxo cancer. Which comes from all types of sex Is sex through the vagina. Risk of penis cancer or penile cancer And is at risk of genital warts Anal sex Risk of rectal cancer And oral sex Is at risk of oral and throat cancer

Cervical cancer vaccination in men In the same way as women, the injection is completed with 3 needles and injected before infection or before sexual intercourse. The vaccine should slotxo  be given between 9-26 years of age for the most effective. Because it reduces the chance of infection by almost 100 percent, but in cases that have never been infected with the HPV virus before, but if ever had been exposed to some strains of HPV The vaccine will only protect against approved strains.

Observing the symptoms
Chances of getting genital warts (From species 6 and 11), observe the following symptoms

- itching or pain, bleeding from the urethra
- raised or smoothed
- When the wart grows, it looks like a cauliflower.

Chance of getting penis cancer Notice the following symptoms

- Feeling of extreme pain or inflammation in the genital area
- There is bleeding, a thick feeling on the skin.
- There is a red rash slotxo with a blister under the foreskin.
- The skin on the tip of the genitals has a bad smell.
- Swollen groin lymph nodes

The risk of developing cancer of the mouth and throat Notice the following symptoms

- feel a lump around the neck
- Chronic cough, sore throat, earache
- Weight loss without a known cause

Because the vaccine is called the cervical cancer vaccine. Can prevent more than one HPV virus infection. Cervical cancer vaccination in men. Therefore can prevent the occurrence of penile cancer Anal cancer, genital warts, and can also prevent slotxo transmission of the infection to their sexual partners, so women should not be reluctant to get this vaccine unilaterally. Since men can prevent transmission from themselves to others. And also prevent disease for yourself

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