Bollywood bets on the small screen as COVID closes theaters.



It's an extraordinary summer in slotxo India. Millions of movie buffs have had to go without traveling to their beloved theaters since cinemas closed in March due to the coronavirus outbreak.But there's a relief for families to stay indoors as streaming platforms step up to fill the void.Many movies have skipped theatrical releases in order to cut losses and hit the small screen instead. More and more A-list actors are now ready to take on roles in originals by Netflix, Amazon's Prime Video, and Disney + Hotstar, and the outbreak that has frustrated the growing number of movie theater owners has accelerated the process. That is on the way, that is the narrowing gap between small and big screens in India.

The result: Bollywood, as reported by film journalist Aseem Chhabra, has struggled to adapt and, in some cases, slotxo compromise the change in creation.In June, the first film to be released online is Gulabo Sitabo, a quirky satirical film directed by Amitabh Bachchan, one of Bollywood's greatest stars, then Shakuntala Devi, whose biopic is expected. There is a lot about Indian math wizard Gunjan Saxena, India's first female pilot-inspired film, and Sadak 2, the much-awaited sequel to the 1991 thriller. For these cinematic-linked movies, streaming platforms are not the only option. But it's an obvious choice.

Known for the subversive and frustrating content that film censorship boards will come to a halt, the streaming platform has already built a young and urban audience that many question Bollywood's musical eyewear. Or tired trophies Many people have learned that streaming is not just the future. But still today, said Monika Shergill, vice president of content at Netflix India.

Streaming also had a fierce competition at a time when Bollywood's favorite destinations were commission-free, Netflix and Amazon's Prime Video had the largest market share in India. It has slotxo previously released 18 original films this year, while the latter announced that it will release 14 titles in 2020. Disney + Hotstar said it will show seven Bollywood films originally slated for theaters. Movies in the new Multiplex service from 24 July onwards.These services help unravel the divide between film and TV in India, according to Mr Chhabra.In the United States, this difference is much smoother - you have big Hollywood actors starting TV shows before the big break. In the movieThis is still quite rare in India where many movie stars are taking off on the big screen. And the streaming platform is the starting point for aspiring actors who may struggle to take a break in Bollywood, famed for its clans.

But recently, Netflix and Amazon have begun to attract the attention of some of the biggest stars in the industry.Small screen is big screenAfter months of speculation, Bollywood's highest-grossing actor, Akshay Kumar, has announced that his Laxxmi Bomb will be screening on Disney + Hotstar.He will be starring in a web series on the same platform next year.This is slotxo not a slight success as Kumar is one of the few celebrities who can still attract crowds across India, having to bear both the urban and rural markets.It would have been unthinkable to see Akshay Kumar on the streaming platform a few years ago, Chhabra said.

The change was shocking, said Abundantia Entertainment CEO Vikram Malhotra.His studio had to raise eyebrows when it was first attacked to create content for a streaming platform a few years ago.It was seen as a big step for both the actor and the director. They looked at it as a solution for those who weren't working in the film, he said.
But his early faith paid off as his studio has published two important titles online since the cinema shut down, Breathe: Into The Shadows starring Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan.At the end of the day, as an actor, you look at your next job and you look at the must-have story, Bachchan told the BBC. I think it is a very exciting medium and I think it will continue to be here. will debut recently.The show ranges from veterans like Anil Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi, to '90s heroines like Kajol and Karishma Kapoor.


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Alok Tandon, CEO of Inox, a multiplex network, said we were the first to shut down and the last.The movie theater owner recently released a full-page ad in one of India's most-read daily books, asking to be slotxo reopened. They claim the industry has suffered as much as $ 1.2 billion (£ 930 million) in losses in the past six months.But owners are also worried what will happen when their door opens again. First of all, they are afraid that few Bollywood movies will be screened as most of them will be blocked by the streaming platform.Second, they were worried that the hall could not be packed because of their social aloof. And may have to be closed suddenly if an outbreak is linked to the theater And importa

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