3 main reasons why Japanese people organize fewer and less funerals

Funeral arrangements are ancient Buddhist culture in Japan. Traditionally, there were three steps: respect for the body, the liturgy, slotxo and the cremation. "Funerals are not necessary." Notice that there are three reasons why more and more Japanese people are leaving funerals as follows.

1. Hosts funerals in Japan are the highest in the world.
The first reason is money - we may not have known that hosting a funeral in Japan costs 2.31 million yen ($ 21,800), five times the cost of a funeral
slotxo in the United States. The average US funeral cost is 444,000 yen ($ 4,183) per time.

Especially if compared to slotxo European countries like Germany or England With 198,000 yen ($ 1,865) and 123,000 yen ($ 1,158), the cost of a funeral in Japan looks so high that it's almost impossible to rob a bank.

The high costs arising from the structural changes in Japanese society. In the past, if anyone in the community left Nearby neighbors will help each slotxo other a little in organizing the event. But due to the migration of original local members It is difficult to keep the traditional traditions. Funeral companies began to come into play. People had to pay a lot of money for these companies to help organize the event.

2. The number of people attending the funeral has decreased.
Funeral rites were highly ritualized in the
slotxo late 80's and the Japanese economy at that time was very favorable. Make at the funeral there is a display of flowers and trumpets for celebrities who have passed away.

But nowadays, more and more people choose to have a private funeral that only includes family members or close friends. Some even slotxo opted for a funeral style called chokusou, in which the bodies of the deceased would be cremated without any ceremonies.

Smaller funerals are considered cost-saving. But
slotxo it is often the funeral of those who died in the ages 80-90, where there is hardly anyone to mourn. Because their main society had passed away before

3. Less help from the company.
In the post-war years, companies in Japan will play a greater role in taking care of human lives. For example, often funerals
slotxo are held for senior management. The company will jointly operate both in terms of duties and responsibilities And cost
But recently The involvement of the company in this way is less. And the person responsible for all the funeral arrangements is the family member of the deceased.

Fairly dismayed for a change Until slotxo perhaps we have to go back and see that Life in any way Looks comfortable now It destroys the good support of the Japanese people in the past or not?

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