Why do farmers receive money from taxpayers?



The BBC has learned that cash slotxo could be diverted from funding ambitious conservation projects in the UK and to protect farm businesses. But how should farmers be paid for taking care of the land? The EU's farm policy is not uncommon for controversy.Under this system, farmers are taxed on the amount of land they own.The government promises that after Brexit, farmers are rewarded only if they take care of the land in a socially positive manner.

But that proves the challenge. Who would estimate the relative value of, for example, reducing water pollution compared to fragmented residential connections?To understand the background of today's farm pay debate, it's helpful to go back in time to World War II.Britain's farm subsidy system began after the war, brutally exposing European food supplies to German U-boats.These slotxo grants are paid farmers to increase food production, that's what they do. And in the European Union, aggressive farmers' lobbies fought for them to be so.Farmers are villagers, their businesses follow their money. Crop and livestock production are increasing. But before the food was produced longer than required Many produce must be stored in the Wine Lake and Butter Mountain.EU low-priced food goes to countries in the south of the world - but farmers there complain they have been undercut by European subsidized food.


How does a subsidy affect the countryside?

Rural subsidies Wetlands are drained, rivers contaminated with fertilizers, and fields expand when hedges are lost.The slotxo insects were eliminated by pesticides and resulted in a 57% reduction in the avian index of arable land between 1970 and 2018.The European Union changed its payment system Instead of being encouraged to grow food supplements, farmers are paid directly for the amount of land they manage. So the bigger the farm, the more money you have.


How does the government plan to improve the countryside?

Former Environment Minister Michael Gove said farmers should only get paid if they serve the public. He coined the term public money for public goods.Those commodities include helping wildlife, catching flooding in fields, reforesting to absorb carbon emissions and improving soils.Reforms will be passed through the Environmental Land Management Program (ELMS) - and a pilot program will begin next year.


How will the updates be sent?

There are three levels of capital slotxo planning through ELMS based on aspiration level. Level one improves air quality by controlling gases from livestock, reducing water pollution and taking care of hedgerows and pastures.Level two will pay for new wells and forest areas. The third level will transform the landscape by connecting scattered habitats and planting new forests or creating new forests.


Is everything going smoothly?

Of course not. This is the problem of numbing complexity of the mind.For example, how can ministers strike the right balance between paying for the slotxo introduction of new gray quails or heavy rain retention or adding soil organic matter? How much is a ton of stored carbon compared to the rare increase in the number of small blue butterflies? And how many butterflies are there enough next?

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