Mysterious beaked whale breaks mammal diving record


The little-known shy whale surprised scientists by being submerged for almost four hours.Cuvier's beaked whales are known for their ability to dive deep, and they stay underwater for an average of an hour.But the researchers were surprised when they recorded one animal's dive for slotxo three hours and 42 minutes.They believe it is the longest dive ever recorded for any whale, and almost unprecedented for all mammals as well. Beaked whales are a mystery to scientists, spending much of their time off the coast. Cuvier's beaked whale has a fat body, a small tilted head and a short beak. Males seem to have two teeth used in combat, females appear to have no teeth at all.They usually hunt for food, usually sucking the organism into their mouth to eat it.


In the pursuit of their favorite food, the slotxo scientists say the whales have been recorded diving up to 3,000 meters.When they made their appearance, they took about two minutes before diving again, meaning it would be difficult for researchers to observe and tag them.In 2014, a whale was recorded diving for more than two hours, the best known time.In this latest study, researchers recorded more than 3,600 dives performed by two dozen cuvier beaked whales over a period of five years.They recorded the dives for about half an hour to two hours and thirteen minutes, past the point where the animals of this size ran out of oxygen.But two dives with each whale "surprised" the research team.One is almost three hours long, three hours and 42 minutes long.The species is vulnerable to larger killer whales and sharks. Whales respond to threats by staying underwater for as long as possible until predators move away.And scuba diving might as well cater to humans. The records were made about 24 days after receiving the U.S. Navy's active sonar signals, and researchers separated them from the dataset as they could be affected by noise.


Cuvier's beaked whale is known to be sensitive to sonar, and other experts believe this may affect the length of the dive.Nicola Hodgkins of Whale and Dolphin Conservation said the recorded dive time of more than three hours is unlikely to be normal. But it's a result of each person pushing to a slotxo certain limit, said Nicola Hodgkins of Whale and Dolphin Conservation, who was not involved in the study.Only one whale is thought to have been invaded as a result of exposure to extremely high noise from the soldier's sonar and exhibiting unusual behavior, so it has been recorded for such violent dives.m The research team found that there was little correlation between the dive duration and the recovery time of the whales before going down again.Scientists believe the study of these scuba animals could provide some clues to challenging questions such as human cancer.Dr Quick said there was an interest in working with colleagues in oncology at Duke University and even with Covid because cells lost oxygen or were in a state of hypoxia, Dr Quick said.So if these whales were in these benign conditions in their tissues, and if we could figure out what they were doing, that could have other implications for human health or just ocean health by. general?

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