Investigate your funds

Make goals clear And intend to achieve joker the goals set If there is great greed What is set goals will become zero Assume the goal of 1000 baht, choose a room with 10 or more bets and place bets in the first turn 20 baht, the next turn will increase to 50 baht per turn until the target money is achieved But it will be a little long because of the low budget. You have to be calm, but you will definitely reach your goal.

Medium budget
choose a room with a hundred digits bet. Then increase the bet more and more until you make joker a lot of profit and increase the bet Balance with capital Until making a profit of 3000 baht, this method will get a profit faster than the first method. But also depends on the luck of each person

High capital budget
Assume the capital is 3000, the target is 6000 baht, choose a betting room in the tens place. Start at the lowest Then press to spin itself automatically Let the game run, but don't leave it alone, you have to watch the game all the time. If broken so you can stop immediately. Keep increasing the bet until you have a profit of 4500 baht, joker the next turn and the last turn, increase the maximum bet. And make a profit until the target hits 6000 baht, this way will definitely make you surpass the target

Wild Helper: It is the foundation of modern slots because you can find it in every video slot game. Because this wizard will increase the chances of gamblers getting a higher chance To play, the images are lined up in order joker to receive a bonus or a jackpot. In many more rows

Help to play Scatter: It is a helper that gives opportunities. Get free spins in the next game Without deducting your credit at all Which this mode is a popular mode Most of them call this mode Free Spin mode, joker most of which, in this mode the bonus and jackpot are broken very often.

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