LEO check before trading !! D-Day, Nov. 5, joins the puzzle to the top of the ASEAN logistics player


Ready !! With red-label stocks, Leo Global Logistics (LEO) Plc. After preparing to continue trading on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) on Nov 5, 2020, with Tree Securities Nityy is a financial advisor and underwriter and guarantees the distribution of 120 million newly issued ordinary shares to the public (IPO) of 120 million shares at a price of 3.42 baht per share, representing a price to net profit ratio (P / E Ratio) 27.40 times from the par value of 0.50 baht / share

For 120 million IPOs, 90 million shares are sold to the general public, accounting for 75% of the shares offered. Offering 18 million shares to patrons of the Company, 15% and offering to directors, executives and employees of the Company another 12 million shares or 10% by raising approximately 410 million baht.

Confident IPO 3.42 baht through the boiling market, the last curve
Mr. Kettiwit Sittisontornwong Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors LEO Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive Officer told "InfoQuest" that he personally has confidence in bringing the company to be listed on the mai stock exchange on Nov. 5 because of nearly 30 years of experience. Ensure business potential as a global leader in comprehensive logistics services, "End-to-End Global Logistics Services".

In addition, the IPO pricing at 3.42 baht, under 12 months historical profit assumption, is 27.40 times the P / E, it may be viewed as a high P / E, but due to the performance in Q3 / 2019 And in the fourth quarter of 2019 dropped, not in a normal condition. But if the IPO price of 3.42 baht is compared with the operating performance that is normal or compared with the performance of the year 2019, the P / E is 13 times.

However, if the 2020 full-year results showed signs of improvement, the P / E mean would certainly be lower compared to the P / E assumption used to determine IPO prices.

Complete logistics covering 190 countries worldwide.
Kettiwit said that the company's core business consists of four groups: Sea Freight, which accounts for 64% of the main revenue, and the international air freight handling service. (Air Freight) accounted for 19%, Integrated Logistics Services (ILS) accounted for 16% of revenues and the remaining 1%. Storage space (Leo Self Stroage or LSS), 0.59% proportion

“We offer a wide range of services from transporting large items such as machinery to small items that are e-commerce products, fully meeting the needs of transportation customers. On the ดาวน์โหลด slotxo other hand, the revenue recording of the air transportation service may differ from other companies in the same industry that are listed on the SET that record gross revenue or directly recorded revenue.

But the companies that represent the airlines Making the company to set the freight Have income in terms of management , Commission That will be recorded as income of the company only. It reflects the financial statements that revenue from air transport is a small proportion compared to other players. But I want you to view it as a record from the real profit margin or as the Gross Profit Margin. Air freight services are definitely not defeated by other companies, ”said Kettivit.

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