5 etiquette you should know In communicating the nature of "business"


The issue of communication between each other is another issue that tends to have problems often seen. Both in terms of not meeting the goal of communication Not achieving goals in terms of job contact Communication that both sides understand does not match Impaired ดาวน์โหลด slotxo communication And communication that causes punishment, therefore, no matter what communication is communicated The outcome of the communication must be considered.

When it comes to communicating in a formal situation Or be referred to as "Business communication" that relies on the atmosphere that is quite a job Tidy And there are issues of interests involved The desired outcome is a beneficial outcome for ourselves or our organization, so there is no denying that "etiquette" is essential in business communication. Because they have influences to persuade them to follow And have the opportunity to achieve communication goals. Both in terms of communication and in terms of career

However, business "is not equal to" business because
Business is a profit-oriented entity, so a business is a business that is both profitable and rewarding.
Business is a contact with one of the goals of the job. There is a matter of benefit But may not have a clear matter of rewards. Whether it is governmental, state enterprise or private when dealing in a formal manner Will be all business contacts (Business contact Included in business communication)
Things to consider when communicating in business
It is a contact with a formal nature.
The point of contact is a matter of work.
The person we are dealing with is not a close friend.
It is a contact that requires credibility.
It is a deal that has an interest in some way.
It is a contact that requires etiquette.
Benefits in considering business communication etiquette
Help build credibility
Create a professional image
Resulting in contact satisfaction Convince to follow
Achieve communication objectives
There is a chance of success in contact matters.
5 etiquette that you should know when communicating in a "business" manner

1. Writing correspondence
It is a contact that is less visible. But still has to see Due to the contact between departments Whether it is an internal agency as well Or contact between external units also requires a written letter. What you need to understand is The letter here is not a note. To write short summaries, reminders, or use them informally to each other Writing a letter to contact business Therefore, it is necessary to write correctly according to the standard form.

However, the contact between internal departments is less formal than the external ones. May agree that it is not necessary to write correctly on all forms. But should have complete details

Problems that often encountered from writing letters
The date of writing the letter is not specified.
Specify "subject" and "study" alternate positions (specify "subject" that you want to contact first, then specify "study (name / position of people Not studying the place) ”who wants to contact)
Do not specify the subject you want to contact.
Anonymously by individual contacts
Not specified
Not introducing myself
No method of contact
No beginning-ending
Incorrect addressing / missing delivery details.
In the case of contact between organizations A corporate seal is required to verify that it is a corporate document. (The government has the Garuda badge State enterprises have an agency brand Private companies with company / department stores / stores)




2.Electronic correspondence (e-mail)
It is unlikely to be a problem, but it becomes a problem. Because this is an era in which the use of the Internet is normal But some fresh graduates cannot write e-mails. Which do not think that writing an email is not important And you don't need to know If it's an email to apply for a job Will affect the likelihood of consideration Someone who can write e-mails in a formal manner. Will appear to be a knowledgeable person Reliable And be professional even if they have never worked before

Problems that are common to write emails.

The use of prefix, introduction, clarification of purpose, endings, signings and attachments is unknown.
Do not specify the subject you want to contact.
Not all of the email addresses you want to contact
Not introducing myself
Bcc copy is not recognized for sending email.
Can't start Not identifying those involved Do not specify what contact does not end.
There is no contact details.
Attach only one file
There are no formal contact details.
Misspell the word incorrectly use the wrong word meaning Use an informal level

3. Dress
The subject of the dress indicates personality. It is imperative to contact various authorities, but be polite and polite. Like a government office Allowing women to wear underwear for communication. But remained polite and formal as for contacting private agencies Although not as strict as government offices But still need to honor the place In some organizations, employees don't have to wear company forms. A private robe is allowed. But should not be a casual wear Shoes should not be sandals. Pants should not be shorts And the shirt should not be sleeveless Because of business contact Not a trip

4. One-on-one conversation
One-on-one conversation It is communication in which the interlocutors can see each other's face. They also have the opportunity to see personality, conduct, dress and posture during conversation. Which has a big effect on decision making Trust And professionalism

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