Elections 2020 and the power of the rainbow in US politics



The election results reflect the political climate in the United States. It will start to brighten and open up as more women and queer people are given the opportunity to work in different positions.The LGBTQ Victory Fund revealed that the 2020 US election has LGBTQ candidates. LGBTQ Lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer candidates for various political positions. A record number of at least 1,006 people, up 41% from the 2018 midterm elections.

About 5% of the nation's population of Americans who disclose their gender status is LGBTQ In the past, only 0.17% were elected to government positions.




First black gay male MP in Congress

Ritchie Torres, 32, a member of the New York City Council. Elected as a South Bronx MP, becoming the first สล็อต Congressman to be black And still openly gay, able to beat 77-year-old Sen. Reuben Diaz Sr., from Republican. The person wearing a cowboy hat is unique. And a disease homophobic (homophobic) homophobic hate.

On the day of the announcement of the election results, Ritchie Torres tweeted, “Tonight we made history. It is an honor to represent the South Bronx. "

Torres revealed that when he went to work in Congress. His great mission is Help people to have a place to live And solve the poverty of children Through the expansion of the tax deduction program for poor children

He said Democrats occupied the White House and House of Commons. It will be a great opportunity in the turn of the century to run a country with a clear policy in the 21st century. In the Bronx To get through the problems Then had the opportunity to step up to perform an important role in the council like him



First transgender female senator of the Senate

Sarah McBride, Democrat Being the first transgender woman to reveal her sexuality while on the road to politics, she is running for Delaware Senate. Then won this election She has made history as the Senate's first transgender woman.

McBride was a former spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign. In this election, she defeated Republican Steve Washington by more than 70% of the vote for District 1, the area of ​​the Democratic Republic of the Republic. Mobrat Including Wilmington The hometown of President Joe Biden, where the new Senator said: She hopes the children LGBTQ will learn that US democracy How big is that From now on, she will fight policy to make a difference for working-class families, as well as access to the public health system. Minimum wage And improve the criminal justice system in the US

Today's LGBTQ adoption in American society is on an interesting rise. Over 70% of Americans agree that gay people should be protected from racism. In addition, Americans, at the same rate, agree that marriage should be equal to all genders. It also supports gender disclosure for people applying to politics. And was chosen to work in politics more

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