MRTA postponed the opening of the Orange

MRTA postponed the opening of the Orange Line envelope from Nov. 23 awaiting the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court




Mr. Phakaphong Sirikantaramas, Governor of the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) disclosed after the Supreme Administrative Court appointed an inquiry. Selection Committee under Section 36 of the Joint Venture Act 2019, the Orange Line Metro Project Bang Khunnon - Min Buri (Suwinthawong)
Has filed an appeal against the order of the Central Administrative Court In the event that there is an order to abate, change the criteria for project evaluation of the Selection Committee under Section 36 from the original criteria for considering the envelope 3, finance 100 points, adjusted to proposal 2, technical 30 points and finance 70 points.

Mr. Pakaphong said that from this appeal of the mitigation order, it has resulted in MRTA considering that The process of selecting a private equity joint venture in the MRT Orange Line project has to be postponed, as MRTA will not open a private proposal envelope The proposal was submitted on 9 Nov 63 because they would like to wait for the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court to determine the next step.

For the case of postponing the consideration of private proposals indefinitely Will affect the project And the opening of the service in the future or not, the MRTA now asks to follow the steps. สมัครสมาชิก slotxo Because unable to intervene in court proceedings in a trial But, however, I believe that because the Orange Line It is an important project that benefits people. Hence, it is expected to be considered in no time. And if everything can be done within the specified time frame, it will not affect the overall project picture.

Mr. Pakaphong also said that Progress of the main case that the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTSC) has filed a lawsuit against Selection Committee under Section 36 of the Act (Act), Public-Private Partnership 2019, the Orange Line Metro Project During Bang Khunnon - Minburi (Suwinthawong) and MRTA in a case of a dispute about an administrative agency or a government official act unlawfully In the event that there is a resolution to amend the criteria and methods for determining the winner of the private selection document, MRTA is currently preparing a testimony to the court. In the past, the court had not revoked the resolution. Just to provide relief, so MRTA must comply with the court's order. And can apply for an appendage according to the right

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