UBS expects global output and corporate profit to recover before COVID-19 By the end of next year


Xinhua news agency reported that UBS (UBS), Switzerland's leading investment bank. Publishes an annual overview report which states: If the vaccine against the COVID-19 virus Available in many countries by the first half of 2021, global output and corporate income will return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2021.


The report said that having access to the COVID-19 vaccine in many areas could be a problem. Yes, by the second quarter of 2021, it will benefit Europe and the United States that are steadily recovering. While most of China's economic activity has returned to normal.

Mark Häfele, Chief Investment Officer of USB Global Wealth Management, said that aside from vaccine issues, A recent free trade agreement was signed and the Asian economy is recovering strongly under China's leadership.

“That's the engine that drives growth. There will also be fiscal and monetary stimulus to continue into the next year. Which will be a support when we enter the recovery phase "

The report expects that in 2021, global corporate revenues will grow 5.2% compared to 2019, with corporate สล็อต income in developed countries at a similar level to 2019, while emerging market firms will have: Revenue increased 15% from 2019 due to strong Asian revenue growth.

Overall, developed and emerging markets, with the exception of China, will contract 5-6 percent in 2020, the worst of the global economy in more than 70 years.

The report states that China will be the only large economy with economic expansion in 2020.

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