Causes of "overweight" (obesity) that is not from "eating"


Overweight and obesity are many health conditions. Both heredity, environment, lifestyle can affect the risk of various diseases, including high blood pressure. High blood fat, diabetes, heart disease, paralysis, paralysis Some cancers It also affects physical problems such as respiratory obstruction or osteoarthritis of the snoring.


How do you know That we are taking risks "Obesity condition"

Dr. Chawaphon Kitirankun (Mo Art) and Dr. Orakamol Inkongngam (Mor Aom) from DoctorVIP stated that obesity was diagnosed by using body mass index or BMI, ie weight (kg), height (m 2 for Asian people If you have a BMI greater than 23, you are overweight. If over 25 meets the obesity threshold, BMI is not the answer to everything. Due to people who exercise hard A lot of muscle mass may have an excess BMI. Or someone who appears to be skinny but actually has very high fat deposits. Therefore, we may have other tools to help measure, such as waist measurement, the normal value for women should not exceed 80 cm, and in men it should not exceed 90 cm. nurse Or, if you need more accuracy, DXA Scan can be used to measure fat percentage, which is the same machine used for bone mass examination.


The cause of "obesity" that is not from "eating"

Problems with overweight and obesity are among the diseases that need to be taken care of. Because that does not come from overeating behavior Or lazy to exercise alone Many people may have hormonal problems, such as low thyroid or ovarian cystectomy (PCOS), affecting the body's metabolism.

Steps to take care of overweight or obesity

1. Change your lifestyle By starting with something that itself is easy to do

- Eat less processed foods Focus on protein and green vegetables. Starch foods focus on the low Glycemic Index, such as brown rice, unsweetened fruits.

- Start setting exercise goals

- Increase energy consumption in daily activities such as walking more. Doing housework that takes a lot of energy

- reduce stress and improve sleep quality If not, adjust these two points Weight loss will not be successful.


2. Use of medication under the guidance of a physician. If there is an indication To make losing weight easier to achieve And reduce the risk of other diseases such as diabetes


3. Gastric bypass surgery In the case of having a very high body mass index and associated diseases


Many people when they have weight problems. May try to try to reduce by yourself and rarely succeed. Then thought that it was only because of his own behavior But actually there might be other problems hidden. Therefore I want to support patients who have ideas for losing weight. Go to consult a doctor to find the cause. And listen to various and safe weight loss options For good health in the long term


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