Baht still appreciates after BOT releases market measures, looking less effective


A finance executive from Bank of Ayudhya revealed that the baht is likely to appreciate after the Bank of Thailand (BOT) issued measures to take care of the baht's appreciation problem too quickly. This is because the market considers that such measures are ineffective enough to เกมสล็อตฟรี  slow the appreciation of the baht. And it's not new Except for the requirement to register identity for bond trading (Bond Pre-trade Registration).
The baht value before the measure was 30.41 baht / dollar and after the measure was 30.27 baht / dollar.

"Overall, I think that such measure is effective in delaying the baht appreciation. Clause 1 and item 2 are not new, except No. 3"

Said the money manager.
In addition, the BOT sets measures as follows

It allows Thai people to deposit foreign currency freely (Foreign Currency Deposit (FCD)) and to transfer money between Thai people's FCD accounts. This will help exporters to manage their foreign currency and manage foreign exchange risk more flexible. Able to do transactions via electronic system Reduces the cost of transferring money and making payments. As well as enabling Thai people to diversify their investment in foreign currency assets more conveniently, such as investing in foreign securities. And gold trading in US dollars
Adjust rules and procedures for investing in foreign securities Both in the dimension of the credit limit and the product that can be invested To increase investment options for Thais and encourage more diversification of investment risks
- Increased investment limit for retail investors to invest directly to 5 million US dollars per year from 200,000 US dollars per year and no limit on investment in foreign securities invested through domestic intermediaries such as securities companies. And asset management companies
- No limit on investment limit in foreign securities for investors under the supervision of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
- Open for foreign securities trading in Thailand without limit, such as index funds (ETF) that can reference foreign securities.
Bond Pre-trade Registration: Thai bond investors must register their identity before trading, allowing the BOT to identify and monitor investors' behavior closely. This will enhance the monitoring of information and enable the BOT to implement policies in a timely and precise manner, which is consistent with the operations of many countries such as South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan.

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